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Start Redwood

 ./opt/redwood/scheduler start

SUM Email Notification Configuration

edit MailNotifierApp.props this file under SUM folder /usr/sap/<sid>/SUM/abap/mailNotifier    = servername
sum.port    = 1128

sum.user    = <SID>adm
sum.pwd     = PASSWORD
sum.sid     = <SID>

sum.type    = sumabap
sum.ssl     = false  = MAIL SERVERNAME
mail.port  = 25
mail.user  =
mail.pwd   =

mail.from  =    =

mail.debug = false

save this and exit 

then run this following command in terminal you have to keep this terminal open to run notification program.

java -jar MailNotifierApp.jar properties=MailNotifierApp.props

you will get test email after this