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SUM Email Notification Configuration

edit MailNotifierApp.props this file under SUM folder /usr/sap/<sid>/SUM/abap/mailNotifier    = servername sum.port ...

How to reset password for user "sys" in Oracle?

How to reset password for user "sys" in Oracle?
  1. Delete pwdniku.ora from /$ORACLE_HOME/dbs folder 

  2. Run command orapwd file=/$ORACLE_HOME/dbs/orapwniku.ora password=system entries=10 

  3. Connect to Oralce using sqlplus /nolog 

  4. Run command inside SQL prompt: connect sys/system as sysdba 

  5. Run command: alter user system identified by system; 

  6. At this point your user "system" password has been changed to system in this example 

  7. Connect to SQLPLUS: sqlplus system/system 

  8. Run command: alter user sys identified by system; 

  9. Your sys password now has been changed


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