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SUM Email Notification Configuration

edit MailNotifierApp.props this file under SUM folder /usr/sap/<sid>/SUM/abap/mailNotifier    = servername sum.port ...

SAP Router Installation

1. Copy d:\usr\sap\saprouter from existing server  to new server .

2. Open a command prompt with administrator rights (right click and select "run as administrator").

3. navigate to D:\usr\sap\saprouter

4. execute the following command:

D:\usr\sap\saprouter>ntscmgr install SAProuter -b d:\usr\sap\saprouter\saprouter.exe -p "service -r -R d:\usr\sap\saprouter\SAPROUTTAB"

Result should be: CreateService SUCCESS

5. Open SAProuter service and set startup type to "Automatic"

6. Modify SAProuter service and set Log On to "This account: .\sapadmin" and enter password.

7. Done!


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