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 ./opt/redwood/scheduler start

Use VNC on Tunnel Linux

Please follow below documents to take VNC Session. You need to run highlighted command with Yellow on servers.

  • Need a vnc-server installed;  it’s tigervnc-server for RHEL7
  • Team will start VNC server process(es) as desired
    • May be one “shared” session for particular/common account to be used across timezones/globe
    • May be one per actual user (A vs. B)
    • Vncserver starts using ports at 5901, but user could specify any port number, even one in their 10,000 list of port exceptions for EIP
  • Team must launch vncserver with the -localhost directive
    • This prevents from binding to any network interface other than localhost
    • Forces them to use an SSH tunnel to access the VNC server
  • No firewall rules for any of the vnc ports, aka 5901…must be over SSH tunnel
  • Any other VNC configuration is on the DBAs; is not a root managed daemon that is started on boot

vncserver -autokill -IdleTimeout 900 -localhost

    • VNC SSH Tunnel on local computer (5901 is only an example. It may be 5902 or higher, depending on different factors.)
ssh -L 5901:localhost:5901 -N -f -l $DOMAIN\\$USER $SERVER


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